adverbs of frequency – workshop – eighth grade

adverbs of frequency, present simple

organize the words in the correct order using the adverbs of frequency in the adequate position and translate.

  1. bed sometimes I on to late go Sundays. 
  2. have eggs breakfast. We usually don’t for 
  3. in morning. shower the always have They a 
  4. weekend. does She housework never at the 
  5. usually to by bus. goes work Daniel 
  6. gym never lunch. the You before go to 
  7. Fridays. I work early on sometimes finish 
  8. You always watch TV! on sport 

future going to – seventh grade

Complete the sentences. Use the expression of future GOING TO plus the following activities of the square. Translate into Spanish.  Completa las oraciones. Usa la expresión del future GOING TO más las siguientes actividades del recuadro. Traduce al español.


Get something to eat                                         *Go to the bookstore

Go to the beach                                                    Look it up in the dictionary

Lie down and rest for a while                           Go to bed

See a dentist                                                         Take them to the laundry

Take it to the post office                                     Go to the royal cinema

Organize all my belongings


Example:  I need to buy a book.  I __am going to go to the bookstore____

Yo necesito comprar un libro.  Yo voy a ir a la librería________

  1. It´s midnight now.   I am sleepy. I ________________________________.
  2. She´s hungry.    She ___________________________________.
  3. My clothes are dirty.  I ________________________________.
  4. He has a toothache.  He  _______________________________.
  5. I´m writing a composition. I don´t know how to spell a word.    I ______________________________________________________.
  6. George has to mail a package.  He  __________________________________.
  7. Sarah and I want to go swimming.   We __________________________________.
  8. She has a headache.   She  _______________________________.
  9. They want to watch a movie about justice league.  They ________________________________________________.

10. My room is a complete mess.  I____________________________________.

My family – sixth grade

My Family

translate into spanish and underline the members of the family


1. Hello, my name is Irina Today I want to tell you about my family.

2. My family is not very big.  It consists of 3 members – my mother, my father and me.

3. At first I will tell you about my mother.   My mother’s name is Elena.

She is 27 years old.   She doesn´t have brown hair and brown eyes.

She is slim. She is very kind and always ready to help me.

Her profession is a teacher.  She likes her work very much.

4. Now I’ll tell you about my father.   His name is Alexander.

He is 27, too.  He is very tall.  His eyes andhis hair are brown.

He is an electrical engineer.  I think, he can fix everything!

5.  My parents are very funny and energetic people.

When everybody is at home, we like to talkabout everything.

We play different games together.  We also like to walk in the street.

When we have time, we drive to parks, or such interesting places like big supermarkets, cafes, the centreof the city.

6.  I also have grandparents, but they don’t live with us.  We visit them very often.

7. My family is great, I love all of them very much.

future simple activity seventh grade

Put the verbs into the correct form (future I simple). Use will and translate

Jim asked a fortune teller about his future. Here is what she told him:

  1. You (earn)  a lot of money.
  2. You (travel)  around the world.
  3. You (meet)  lots of interesting people.
  4. Everybody (adore)  you.
  5. You (not / have)  any problems.
  6. Many people (serve)  you.
  7. They (anticipate)  your wishes.
  8. There (not / be)  anything left to wish for.
  9. Everything (be)  perfect.
  10. But all these things (happen / only)  if you marry me.